December 3, 2014

Kaiya Turned 2!!

What a whirlwind the past month or so it has been at the Lym residence! Helping coach the High School cross country and boys soccer teams wrapped up (my runners ending up at state - woot woot!), Halloween preparations and celebrations came and went, Kaiya and I flew all the way across the country to spend a week with family then came home for about 14 hours before driving out to Idaho, Utah and Arizona to visit more people and places for another week and a half, then drove all the way home and had three days to prepare to have a full house of family here for Thanksgiving and Kaiya's birthday. Phew - all done! Pre-Christmas holidays celebrated - check, Kaiya had a fun party for her birthday - check, we got to see a good portion of our far-far-away family - check, I attended PA school interviews and now just accept one of the offers I've been given - check. Now we can relax and enjoy the next few months of Holiday cheer and spending time together as a not-so-busy-or-stressed-out-family!

And all our craziness could not have taken place and been done with in better timing. Kaiya is finally starting to become crazy independent and a bit more difficult to dealt with at certain times throughout the day, baby #2 is finally popping out to an obvious amount and kicking me when I've been sitting too long, and now I have a few weeks to finish planning out Brandan's and my 4th wedding anniversary and our Christmas festivities. I'm excited to not be traveling or doing anything too crazy before this baby comes and our lives become a little more fun.

[Family of scarecrows for Halloween - fake eyelashes were fun but SUPER annoying, straw was cute but SUPER itchy.. notes to self for next time..]

[Grandma Young with same-age cousins Kaiya and Emerie in Philly]

[Awww cousin-ly love! Speaking of which, I LOVE these girlies!! Lyndi, Emerie and Kaiya ran around, danced, sang songs, read books and had a blast for the whole week we were there]

[Yes, we saw the liberty bell and some historical buildings, but my favorite thing to see was Rocky!! (and yes, I definitely ran all the way up the stairs he did in the movie!)]

[Kaiya with her great grandma Gwen in Idaho :)]

[Kaiya's birthday party lay-out, YUM. The theme was "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"]

[Cousins Clayton and Brody had to help blow the candles out, but her cheeks looked so cute all blown up!]

[She's TWO!!!]

Just as a head's up - we will find out the gender of baby Lym #2 on December 17th so I should have another blog update with ultrasound pictures then!!

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