October 13, 2014

Family Photos Fall 2014

Well, it's finally come that time again when I look at our family photos up on the wall and can't help but feel like those people look nothing like us anymore - my hair is double the length, I have a different style of favorite jeans, Brandan now wears glasses all the time rather than contacts, and Kaiya is many pounds heavier, several inches taller, has longer hair and less baby-ish features. I cannot even begin to express how ecstatic I get to have new, very well done, family photos!!! Thank you Kylie Cooke Photography for your amazing work!!! These pictures meant a lot to us - they prove that we've grown and changed in the last year in numerous ways. A year ago, Brandan was in graduate school and now he has a full time "big boy" job at the hospital as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I was preparing to take another online class to finish my prerequisites for PA school and now I am done with those and am awaiting to hear back from the applications I've sent in. A year ago, we were soon celebrating Kaiya's very first birthday; we thought of her as our little baby, but now she is our little diva of an almost-two year old toddler! We were comfortably living in Iowa last year and were very comfortable in our group of friends and community, but as of the last few months we have moved to the west coast (literally, we are an 8 minute drive from the ocean!!) and have only recently found more of a niche with friends and the community. Oh - and in case you didn't know, we have baby #2 on the way, due April 30th 2015!!!

[Kaiya loves playing with leaves and sticks!]

[LOVE this photo - it captures our sweet pea's blue eyes :)]

[Kaiya was running from the camera most of the photo shoot, but these ones of her off on her own are soooo cute!]

[Kaiya and mommy]

[Our little family of three]

[Play time always gets the giggles out!]

[I love this man with all my heart!]

[I can't believe Kylie caught Kaiya like this - her very typical, Kaiya-like look of whenever we are with new people - adorable!]

[There are some smiles!!!]

[Girly girls]

[Relaxing on the grass]

[I can't get over Kaiya's face here, haha!]

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