March 20, 2014

From Iowa to Washington

[Kaiya in her maze of boxes during moving week]

Well, with another new year has come our fourth time moving since Brandan and I were married. It took much longer to pack everything up this time than any previous move since our little gal has almost as much stuff as we do! haha. Anyway, but Kaiya was a little trooper and tried to help mommy pack up by following me around and taking everything very carefully out of each box that I would pack up before I got a chance to tape them shut... oh, and having mini dance parties with me during packing breaks! Brandan was very busy with his internship and finishing up any school things before moving for his last internship before graduation, so I took care of all the moving stuff and he made box mazes and forts with Kaiya to distract her from "helping mommy" in the evenings!

Our trip out west began at 3:30am when we left with what we could fit in our car and miss Kaiya in her brand new forward car seat. It was the first time she'd been put in it, since it had just arrived in the mail and she was wide awake and sooooo excited to be facing forward as we drove out of Des Moines. We had to pray she'd go back to sleep (and for a safe drive) and after about an hour, she was back out. But seriously, she was ecstatic to be in her new chair and had THEE biggest smile and giggles for that full hour!

As soon as we hit Wyoming, we were stripped down from our winter bundlings to t-shirts and jeans. I think everyone at the gas stations thought we were crazy, because we got a lot of funny looks from the non-freezing-temp-Iowans for enjoying the non-humid 40-50 degree weather! But holy cow, after three or four weeks of blizzarding conditions in IA and temperatures in the negatives and under 10, we were more than happy to be out of there! Anyway, our trip to Utah, then to Idaho and up to Washington all went very well. It was fun to see a lot of friends and family and realize how big Kaiya has gotten since she was out there last year. I didn't realize that her piggy tails and skinny jeans and ability to clap and wave and blow kisses were such a huge deal until everyone else was oogling about it! And we sure do love when people oogle over our little sweet pea :).

[Kaiya in her new pink carseat!]

[Ryan took Brandan on a back-country skiing adventure up in Ogden - I was SO jealous!]

[Of course we had to get some Jamba Juice!!! We'd been deprived a whole year!]

[Bountiful Rec Center - water slide, lazy river and play area - it was fun until Kaiya's lips went purple!]

[The trampoline was a very fun, new experience for little miss]

[Just up the street from our place in Spokane - awesome view, eh? Right behind John Stockton's house too]

[Family Bonding moment while rolling down hills at the park]

We love Spokane so far! Our landlords are way nice and have taken good care of us so far. We live right at the top of the hill that overlooks most of Spokane and are surrounded by BEAUTIFUL old bungalow and victorian style homes that have been kept up really nice. There are parks every few blocks, Lake Cour d' Alene only about 30 mins away, and lots of recreation opportunities. Awesome - I think we'll be sad to leave this area 7 weeks from now, though that sadness will be easily replaced by excitement for Brandan's graduation!!