January 23, 2014

Brandan is 28, Wha??

[Brandan and Ethan in their birthday bow-ties with their mixed drinks]

[28 candles + 2 on the side for Ethan's extra years]

[get that whipped cream all over your face!!!! the gum game]

Brandan and Ethan celebrated their birthdays with friends, food and ridiculous games. We decorated the Baham's living room and dining room with funny age quotes, streamers and a little banquet of goodies and various colored drinks to make mixed, layered drinks. We had fun just hanging out and playing games (including the game from the picture above where you can't use your hands and have to blow a bubble with the piece of bubble gum at the bottom of a pile of whipped cream, haha) as friends and 'basically family.' It was nice and much needed after a long winter break where we stayed here and just hung out for two weeks while all our friends went out of town for the majority of the break. I can't believe Brandan is 28 now - it's crazy that I'm now the age that he was when we were married three years ago!

Well, there aren't a lot of updates as of the last few months. We are in a very humble place right now as a little family. Brandan has a great internship here in Des Moines at one of the hospitals, so he has a set schedule and is completely done with classwork and exams, so we get to actually hang out each night after work. I've gotten so use to him studying 24/7 that it's almost weird to have that much time to snuggle on the couch and watch a show or talk in full length about our days - it's awesome! He'll finish up this internship in 6 weeks and then at the beginning of March we'll leave for his final internship in Washington. We have been so lucky to find a fully furnished condo that is right off of an older couples' home for the same price as we're paying for an unfurnished apartment here in Iowa! Thank goodness for people who enjoy using their home to help others out with housing for temporary stays in town! Anyway, we have been so stressed out trying to figure out how to budget out the rest of our student loan dispersement so that we can stay afloat until Brandan can get a job and everything seems to be lining up. Brandan will take his licensure exam in April, graduate in May, and then we're on to our next adventure called "Brandan is a legit Doctor of Physical Therapy and finally making money!!" haha. I also have taken the GRE and am taking a biochemistry class online so I can apply to PA schools this summer, so that's something else to look forward to. When does life start to slow down??!?

Kaiya is continuing to get bigger and smarter and corkier. She cracks me up a good portion of the time - anything she does isn't quite the same as  the typical 13 month old. She still has her deep little hearty laugh to giggle with and runs around the apartment all day every day, only stopping for food or sleep. Her top two little teeth have finally come through and she's constantly grinding them (it sounds like she's crunching on plastic!), but when we give her the sign and say, "stop," she stops for a moment, looks up at us, gets a huge squinty-eyed grin on her face and grinds her teeth as fast as she can before we shove our fingers in her mouth to stop her. If we accidentally leave the bathroom door open, she'll stand in front of the doorway and waits until we catch her with the door open, only running in and wreaking havoc on the toiled paper roll or garbage can after she knows we're chasing after her. She is quite the little firecracker and I'm only now beginning to worry about how her teenage years will be.... haha. But she's adorable to us all the time; she loves walking around during church and just looking down all the pews at people, keeping very quiet and running back to us excitedly when someone gives her a good smile. As soon as she hears the mail key jingling near the entry way, she runs to the door and gets ready to book it out of the apartment and down the hallway to hike the stairs. Anyway, she's our little cutie pie and it amazes me that she only gets cuter!

[Kaiya and Daddy putting together one of her Christmas presents]

[which has become one of her favorites!!]

[Kaiya's first ring pop - she had a blast eating it, but I did not have a blast wiping the stickiness off of everything she touched as she roam-and-licked, haha] 

[like mother... (showin' off my new bangs but felt like a normal pose looked even dumber..)...]

[... like daughter... haha]