December 22, 2013

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

[Kaiya's first play in the snow!]
Well, we finally got a good snowing here last night. It's been drizzling and letting down some fluffy stuff, but today we had a few inches worth so we bundled Miss Kaiya up and set her out on the balcony to test the white stuff out. With a bit of squirming (and with some manual moving of some limbs by her daddy), our little angel made a cute little snow angel imprint! Anyway, it was quite funny to watch her, all squinty-eyed in the bright light and not sure what to think of the cold white stuff around her. It was especially hilarious to watch her eat some snow, with a timid little lick, then an awe-struck look of intrigue, followed by attacking the stuff with her mouth. She LOVES to eat just about anything, so this was no surprise!
[She was laughing but couldn't open her eyes in the sunlight, haha]
[mmmmm.... snow....]
This year we decided to stay here in Iowa for the holidays. As much as we love being with family, we were done traveling around for the time being. We've been all over the place this last year, literally to one side of the country then the opposite coastline, and we'll be going to Spokane at the beginning of March for Brandan's last internship before graduation in May. Our ward family is so awesome though that we're being fed Christams Eve dinner and hanging out with what friends are left in the area over the break, so that should be fun! I am also glad to have the time over this next week to review some things in preparation for taking the GRE next week (yikes!) and Brandan is preparing for his final internships beginning in January. Life is pretty exciting and busy for us right now, but then it never really slowed down, did it? I'm just glad we could make time last week to go out for our wedding anniversary!
Kaiya is cute as ever, of course, though I might be biased in saying that... haha. She's had her two bottom teeth since early November and it makes her little pity laughs and cheesy squinty-eyed smiles even more ridiculous. Her hair is now long enough to put into piggy tails, but it's not very thick so it's a struggle tying those little hair ties around the few strands she has a billion times (lest to say that I've only done it once or twice...), but it looks adorable when I have done it! She hasn't really said any "real" words yet, just babbles a lot still and squeaks and squeals when she knows she's in trouble or on the run down the hallway. She's been walking/running around since early November as well, which still sometimes catches me off guard because she's still a tiny little thing to me! I love her little strut though and her wide-gapped jog just before the face plant as we're walking after her growling. Just last week she learned how to climb on things, which I thought was fun for the first few climbs up onto a chair or up a step, but.... man, it really drains the energy out of me trying to make sure she isn't an inch away from a head thump to the floor! She's so high-energy all the time.
[She LOVES drinking from straws- she gets pretty close to passing out because she sucks so hard for so long... haha]
[Kaiya's first little piggy tails!]
Since this was the first year of our married life that we've been home for Christmas, we went all out and got a real Christmas tree with decorations, put up our stockings, and have been playing with our elf on the shelf. I've had a delicious smelling candle going, have made a few batches of wassail, made eggnog/peppermint ice cream shakes, and enjoyed seeing Christmas lights all over town. It was especially fun having a little one to sit on Santa's lap at the mall and play dress-up with with holiday outfits!
[Kaiya meets Santa - she was speechless... ;)]
[Helping with the Christmas tree - real tree, our first one!]