March 6, 2013

Baby Poop is Only Funny Sometimes

Kaiya has accomplished so much just in the past week, the past seven days, a very short amount of time in relation to her overall accomplishments in her brief lifespan. She learned how to giggle, chuckle quite loudly while smiling when we play. She did not pee or poop all over the scale at a pediatric appointment, a first of six appointments she’s had. Kaiya also has begun to figure out her hands a bit to grab hold of things she’s reaching for, self-soothe via fist sucking. And last but definitely not least, she rolled over from her belly to her back last night (three times in a row even!).
[We can never get a picture of her giggling, but this is during a squealing-as-high-and-loud-as-you-can-to-make-mom-and-dad-laugh-hysterically episode]

Our baby girl has been able to smile, and I mean legitimately smile, not just using the reflexive grin that newborns have, since she was 5-6 weeks old, but it has been a long road to get cute little noises with that smile. Brandan and I think she’s just hilarious anytime we’re playing with her, so our giggles and chuckles have finally rubbed off on her I guess. She’s really into the mimicking game right now, where she’ll stick out her tongue if we do, smile if we do, and open and close her mouth as we’re singing to her. It’s pretty fun and we were so thrilled to get some real, long-lasting giggles out of her – it makes her seem so much older and makes us laugh even more, inviting her to continue.


Every single time Kaiya has been to the pediatric office, she has released waste product on the weighing table. It doesn’t matter if we wait a little bit longer after she doesn’t seem as tense being in a new place to undress her, it doesn’t matter if she seems completely calm or even if she had filled her diaper only minutes before, she releases everything she has inside of her. On the scale. The nurses claim it happens every now and then, but the look on one nurse’s face with a muttered comment of, “whoa – wasn’t expecting that much!” kind of makes me think that Kaiya makes a bigger mess of the table than most babies…. Haha. The first time Kaiya did it, the scale was the size of a full patient table and she was so freaked out getting her temperature taken and rolling side to side on the flat surface that she scrunched up into a little ball and just let it fly. It literally shot a thick stream of baby poop all the way along length of the table – quite impressive. She hasn’t been nearly THAT messy the next several times, but I still can’t help but feel bad for the nurses who get to clean up the mess! They even had an extra stack of towels and wipes ready for us this last week, but Kaiya shocked and awed them with her newfound ability to momentarily control her bowels while on the scale.

I should just tap in right here and let you all know that this past week Kaiya developed some pretty severe eczema that covered her entire face with red blotches and tiny blisters, as well as add on some really dry, itchy blisters on her elbows and a spot or two on her back. It didn’t seem to bother her too much but after a few days of us doing everything we could think of and it only getting worse, it became really itchy and she was confined to wearing mittens 24/7 so she would stop scratching her face and opening up the skin. I finally took her in this past Friday and we got a light steroid cream and heavy duty antibiotic ointment and lotion and it disappeared within about two days (thank goodness for modern medicine!). She will probably struggle with eczema for quite a while, but the doctor said it’s very common in infants and that her sensitivity to sugar and dairy just makes her more prone. I was doing so great keeping my sugar and dairy intake pretty low up until about two weeks ago when I craved doughnuts and ice cream all weekend and then did a detox wrap at a party (which we later realized probably put a lot of those sugary toxins into my milk!). I’m sorry Kaiya! Mommy will do better!! (and hopefully Daddy so that Mommy is more motivated!)

[Kaiya's poor little face :( ]
Brandan is so funny – he’s been doing sitting and standing exercises with Kaiya most nights after dinner to try and boost up her stabilizing muscles in her core so she’ll be able to eat rice cereal, etc in a few weeks. I’m pretty good about doing tummy time once or twice during the day and then he’ll do it again at night. I’ve decided he’s much better at it than me, because he comes up with fun things to do with Kaiya while she’s on her tummy to make her last longer (last night it was something with a Mr. Monkey and soccer ball). Well she rolled over onto one side and continued to roll until she was on her back. She had this really awesome face of, “what the freak just happened??”. We put her back on her belly two more times, both times ending up with her rolling onto her back pretty quickly, and rolling not just the same direction, but alternating. Woot woot? This, along with her figuring out how to use her hands to self soothe (and therefore drool quite a bit), are things that make my day - Isn’t it amazing what parents get excited for when it comes to their kids?

[Kaiya can actually move one foot at a time by herself down the hallway if she's in the right mood]

14 weeks old now, Kaiya is about 14 ½ lbs, in the 40th percentile for height (she’s all torso with cute little legs), 80th percentile for head circumference and weight, and still hanging out in 0-3 month clothes comfortably. She’s such a fun little cutie and Brandan and I couldn’t be any happier with her in our lives.