November 8, 2012

Last Day Trip for a Long Time

As promised last week, here are some shots from our 35 week ultrasound, which were taken about 3 weeks ago! (Only two weeks left until due date as of today!!!)

[35 week ultrasound - 3D. The tech had a hard time getting a good picture because our baby girl had both hands AND one of her feet up in front of her's amazing how flexible babies are!]
[35 week ultrasound - 2D]
The lady performing the ultrasound was really funny this time around - she zoomed in on all the body parts we wanted her to so that we could try and see if Baby Lym #1 will have my long fingers or Brandan's shorter ones, if she has Brandan's big lips or my hardly-existent ones, my pointy ski-slope nose or Brandan's normal-looking one. Anyway, it was pretty fun to sit and have all three of us stare at the screen and at our own faces, trying to decide. We've decided that this baby has good potential for Brandan's lips and my nose. We'll see in about two weeks what she really looks like though!!!
It's a little mind-boggling to be a first-time pregnant lady awaiting those first contractions to begin. Today as I was running a few errands to get some baby things, it hit me that our baby could ultimately come any day now. Babies are technically full-term at 37 weeks, so everything is developed and ready to go and they're simply hanging out in the womb and getting bigger until they want to come out. Well anyway, we set up a crib and rocking chair in our room, pulled out the baby blankets and such, and packed "the bag" for the hospital so we can be ready - we feel ready!
At my doctor's appointment this week I asked about my fainty spells but nothing was really diagnosed. The doc said that it's probably from not getting fluids during the nighttime so after I eat breakfast my blood sugar and pressure dip for a while, but nothing to be worried about. Feeling fainty later in the day is probably from overdoing it while having low blood pressure too. Since I have 50% more blood than my body is use to having, it makes me a lot more sensitive to any change in my blood pressure or electrolytes level. Anyway, there's nothing I can do about it except to not sit or stand for too long at a time and to drink powerade or some other electrolyte fluid and snack when I feel things dipping. Only two more weeks of this!
[Not a great picture of 38 weeks along, but we were in a hurry. Everyone keeps telling me I don't look like I'm going to have a baby in two weeks and I assume it's the long torso and fact that it's my first pregnancy that I owe that to, but I'm not complaining! ;)]

[The only swelling I've had is in my lower legs after I've been wearing tighter wool socks for a while, but even that amount hasn't been bad at all, just funny-looking when I haven't had them on for two hours and still have lines...]
Last weekend, Brandan and I spent all day Saturday in Gettysburg, PA. We chose a shorter day trip as our last getaway for quite a while (how miserable would it be going into labor far from the town you were planning on delivering in...!). We made the 3 hour drive there, thinking we would be back for dinner if we left early in the morning, and realized once we got there how much there was to see and do. We took a two-hour tour of the battle grounds and it was very different than we were expecting. Rather than one, large field where the battle took place, it encompassed miles of land, in and around farmhomes and the little town of Gettysburg. Rather than one giant monument, every batallion that fought in the battle has their own, placed wherever they wanted it. They came back within a few years after the Battle of Gettysburg, those were left at least, and placed their individually designed memorial where they served the majority of the time, or where they lost the most men of their company. It almost gives the open landscape a cemetary feel, but it's really cool.
We walked around in the Gettysburg National Cemetary and felt in awe at all the marked and unmarked gravestones there. They are all made of a beautiful white, marble-looking stone that makes them stick out from the grass in their even rows feel so reverent. It might sound weird, but the unmarked graves were our favorite part - seeing all the little squares of white stone, marked only by a number, knowing that those souls died for a cause they truly believed in.  
At the Gettysburg National Military Park Visitor's Center, we spent a few hours walking around and taking in as much as we could about the Civil War. The center wasn't only educational on the topic of the Battle of Gettysburg, but about what sparked the Civil War altogether, what led up to the Battle specifically at the town of Gettysburg, and what direction that war took our country. Anyway, if you are ever in PA, I would recommend you go to Gettysburg. Plan on spending at least one whole day because there are so many other things in the town to see (home of the only civilian killed during the battle, the home where Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address and the site where he delivered it, ghost-story activities, super yummy foods, etc).

[Little Round Top - where the Union held the hill before Pickett's charge the next day. You can see a few of the memorials placed by various batallions, all various shapes and sizes.]

[One view of farmland where the 3-day battle took place - the barns and homes out here in the country still have the original woodwork, brick, and bullet-holes.]
[Marked graves at the Gettysburg National Cemetary]
[These are the stones for the unmarked graves at the Gettysburg National Cemetary, lined up row upon row]
[Chillin' with President Abraham Lincoln outside the visitor's center]
The past few weeks have been nice and quiet outside of our weekend excursions. Brandan has been staying pretty busy with his internship and has been doing really well at it. He's getting more and more confident in his evaluations of patients and in prescribing therapies, performing manual manipulations, etc. It's been really nice for him to go to work, then come home and be able to hang out for a little while between dinner and bedtime rather than be so busy with homework and studying like he is when in classes.
During the daytime, I have been doing quite a few projects. Since being here, I've made a carseat canopy for myself and my sister, many burp cloths using cloth diapers and flannel and recieving blankets. My mom and I have worked on lots of Christmas gifts (I'm not allowed to say what yet), picked out some ideas for baby booties and a blessing dress, and made a very poofy, adorable tulle and sparkles-focused princess dress for my niece Lyndi. Let's just say that we could probably be called by name by any of the Joann Fabric's employees, haha! Oh- and my favorite project thus far has actually been helping my brother Spencer make a mole for mole-day in his science class. They had to chose a superhero to model it after and Captain America turned out stunning as a stuffed animal mole.
By the time Brandan gets home, we play games with my Mom and Spencer (we've gotten very competitive with Spades lately), watch a few episodes of our recently begun marathon of The Office, relax, and/or Brandan and Spencer play the PS3 while I do crosswords. Brandan hasn't played videogames more than maybe 3 or 4 times since we've been married so he's been having a blast on them while he can before we go back to Iowa. It's actually hilarious to go downstairs and watch how intense their faces get during some games.
 [burp cloths material]
[Carseat canopy #1 - this one is for us and then I made another with different fabric for Hayley]

[Captain America mole - designed it, stuffed it, and decorated it all my myself (with the stars and wings made my Spencer)]

[And don't forget about the detacheable shield on the back!! Oh geez - Spencer came home from class the next day when everyone had brought their own moles to school and said that his was by far the coolest - leave it all to the OCD, loves-to-do-projects sister! :)]
[Spencer and Brandan gaming - my Mom and I were laughing pretty hard at the fact that the boys were standing about a foot and a half away from the screen for a good portion of a 2-3 hr gaming session! Spencer claimed he couldn't see from the couch because he didn't have his glasses, and Brandan claimed he played better closer to the screen - haha... so funny I had to take a picture.]